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The way the viewer experiences art Essay

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Art Essay Question: Explain how artists can represent their ideas by using materials and techniques The artists Frida Kahlo and Marion Borgelt both use materials and techniques in their art making practice to represent their ideas. Aug 17,  · Judith H.

Dobrzynski’s essay “High Culture Goes Hands-On” (Sunday Review, Aug. 11) reminded me of a scene I witnessed at the entrance to the Metropolitan Museum of. Art as Experience () is John Dewey's major writing on aesthetics, originally delivered as the first William James Lecture at Harvard ().

The way the viewer experiences art Essay

Dewey's aesthetics have been found useful in a number of disciplines, including new media. Using art as a platform for emotional release of traumatic life experiences was not a very common concept among artist.

While many artist used their canvases to express religious beliefs, social realism, desires, etc., Frida Kahlo’s work was an autobiography of her life. Art as Experience () is John Dewey's major writing on aesthetics, originally delivered as the first William aesthetic experience involves the passing from disturbance to harmony and is one of man's most intense and satisfying experiences.

Art cannot be relegated to museums. There are historic reasons for the compartmentalization of art.

Art experiences essay
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