The birth of my child

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Birth to 3 Program - How Does My Child Qualify?

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If you wait to apply for a number at a Social Security office, there may be delays while we verify your child’s birth certificate. Why should I get a Social Security number for my child? Otherwise, birth certificates and related documents can be ordered for yourself, your child, or for qualifying family members.

Baby’s Background can be accessed by clicking the link above or by going to Heirloom Birth Certificates.

Searching for Birth Relatives

A birth record contains information about the birth of an individual. On a birth record, you can usually find the mother's full maiden name and the father's full name, the name of the baby, the date of the birth, and county where the birth took place.

Understand the skills of your young child. The development of receptive (listening) and expressive (speaking) language in very young children is important because oral language has a measurable impact on the acquisition of literacy skills in later years.

Again, I was promised a birth certificate for my child would arrive in a week or so. Again, I forked over yet another thirty five dollars and again I left empty-handed, with less soul than I had when I arrived. The child’s date of birth. A copy of the certificate of live birth from the hospital or a birth certificate.

For individual HMO plans, please select an HMO health center and primary care provider (PCP) for your child and list the information in your request.

The birth of my child
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